El Cubil in Potrero Chico

El Cubil is a beautiful modern lodge just a 5-minute walk from the gates of El Potrero Chico Park, the internationally renowned rock climbing area in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. 

We would be delighted to host you during your stay to this extraordinary corner of our world. 

El Cubil is not only steps away from El Potrero Chico Park and restaurants, we also have at least two of the Potrero Chico climbing crags on our property including the famous route of Sendero Luminoso. 

Come stay with us on your visit to this extraordinary corner of our world. 

Once you arrive, our onsite hosts will help you feel at home so you can enjoy relaxing at El Cubil, climbing and hiking in El Potrero Chico, or going to nearby restaurants and the town of Hidalgo. 

"I stayed at El Cubil - chill vibe, reasonable rates esp. if divided between 2 people, private bathroom with toilets that can flush toilet paper (many septic systems can't handle TP), hot showers, shared kitchen."  (Eugene, December 22, 2022)

"El Cubil en Potrero Chico-Camping now has Starlink internet with blazing fast speeds in their public workspace and private rooms. The router is in a birdhouse in the very center of the property so all guests can stream HD movies or upload big data sets for their big-kid jobs. As a psychologist my work involves video calls, while other guests need fast upload speeds. This is a huge improvement."  (Max, December 14, 2022)

"Each year we welcome climbers of all experience levels who want to enjoy the multitude of routes, foster their skill development and enjoy meeting other people from around the globe.

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